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Various Artists "Steel Trap" 3xC60 [CH-19]

$18.00 / Sold Out

Found a box of these floating around in the studio closet. Available again.

3xC60 cassette compilation featuring dirty industrial noise and abortive tonal waste. packaged in a vinyl cassette album
with three double-sided inserts with 1/3 page collage art for each band by greh holger. #'d out of 300 copies.

Featuring tracks from: Halflings, The Nevari Butchers, Envenomist, Bacillus, Failing Lights, Evenings, Devillock, Withdrawal Method, Skin Graft, Crook and Scourge, Prurient, Redrot, The Mossy Throats, Preyers, Body Collector, Hive Mind, Raven Strain, Oil Of Beauty

Note: If you ordered one of these way back in the day and for some reason didn't get it, please get in touch.